Botswana Project

In 2021, we have an opportunity to present a Radio Program we will use as an outreach program to the nation of Botswana.
DUMA FM is a radio station that reaches the whole of Botswana (2.3 Million People). It's primary target audience is ages 18 -49 and secondarily 49 and above. DUMA FM is also online.

We aim to use the radio program to disciple entrepreneurs and workplace believers while also reaching people for Christ through the tools of Life and Business Coaching.

This program will be run like a bi-weekly/Monthly devotional, and at times using the interview style of communication. It is our hope to raise Leaders/entrepreneurs and workplace leaders who have integrity and hopefully fight off corruption from the hearts of man and the nation of Botswana, teaching people to do business and to leas Gods way.

It is our hope that this program will speak to the nation and help shape the nation for Christ.

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