About Us

Victory Global Network was established in 2017, as a non-profit partnership organization shinning light on heroes of Faith Ministries, organizations and individuals, who are making a difference in their communities and shaping the landscape of destinies of people around the world,
with God’s kingdom vision.

Our Mission

Victory Global Network mission is to prayerfully collaborate with organizations, ministries and churches with existing structures and infrastructures to provide spiritual, physical, social, and emotional support to under privileged people in their communities. 


Our mission allows us to extend God’s love, care, and support to people around the world and through our vision, touch lives and transform hearts.

Our Vision

Touching Lives and Transforming hearts.


Victory Global Network prayerfully collaborate with organizations, ministries and churches with existing structures and infrastructures to provide spiritual, physical, social and emotional support in their communities.

Objects of Victory Global Network

1. To partner with and serve other Christian organizations and individuals with similar objectives globally, especially in African nations, cities, towns, and villages. We help to support in funding and promoting their activities, events, and/or programs.


2. We also give aid and relief to disadvantaged, battered, and broken families.  (i.e., widows, and abused women), and children with special needs orphans, youth, young adults, and men.


3. We offer financial support to qualified ministries and organizations that advance and teach the religious, tenets, doctrines, and observances associated with the Christian faith.


VGN finances are through fundraising which includes accepting gifts, donations, grants, legacies, bequests, and inheritances from generous individual donors, corporations, organizations, and institutions.


Victory Global Network will be operated without purpose of gain for its founder, board of directors or officials, or partners, and any profits or other assets of Victory Global Network will be used solely to promote its objectives as set forth in the Bylaws that regulate the transaction of business and affairs of Victory Global Network.





Definition: - A patron is an individual who volunteers to sponsor or aid a nonprofit organization or charity by lending their influence, name, contacts, ideas, inspiration, and or money to support the vision of the organization.



• Add credibility and integrity to VGN.

• Add weight to the progress of the vision and purpose of the VGN.

• Help to promote the public image and income-generating capacity and performance of the VGN.

• Demonstrate financial commitment to VGN as they are led by God.

• Where available and possible, to attend and/or participate in VGN’s events and activities.

• Serves as keynote speaker if necessary, at VGN events.

• Fronting and endorsing the cause of the VGN mission.


Conduct: -

a: - Models of exemplary behavior: - Personal and professional conduct must reflect, inspire, and motivate others to deepen faith and personal holiness.

b. They must not engage in behavior that does not reflect the belief of the organization or tarnish the image of the organization.

c. They must avoid practice or ethics that may cause embarrassment or misfortune to the organization.

d. VGN will not be liable for any misconduct of any patron legally.


VGN obligations to patrons: -

a: -All officers of VGN must conduct and govern themselves according to the Tenets of Faith of VGN with the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of VGN.

b: - All officers of VGN must not engage in practices and behavior that will tarnish the name, image, and credibility of our patrons.

c. VGN will hold their officers to the highest level of financial practices and moral accountability.

d. VGN will exempt patrons from any form of liabilities caused by the organization.


Duties of VGN to Patrons: -

a. To provide Updates of activities and financial reports to patrons periodically on our website.

b. To provide and inform patrons of any changes in leadership or officers of the organization.


Patrons Pledge: -

I pledge to be an advocate for VGN and to advance the values and benefits of membership to the ministry leaders whom I support and others with whom I come into contact, striving to be a life-long patron, seeking to attain the highest degree of competency in my nomination. So, help me, God.

Botswana Office

P O Box 10836 Palapye,


+267 75243689

South Africa Office

7 Morgenster Crescent Lonehill 2191 South Africa

+278 2495 1969

United States Office

711 West Dickey Road, Grand Prairie

TX 75051 USA

+ 1-817-454-9021
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